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Decked Out in a New Designer Purse For the Holidays - A New Designer Handbag is Good For Your Health

Want to make a difference in this year's gift-giving? Make a smart investment. Use the information in this article to begin Google research for all your 2006 discount designer handbags and purses gift-giving needs. The search terms found in "ITALICS" will locate the perfect resources to fulfill all your shopping requirements without leaving the comfort of home. Copy and past the italicized search terms into the Google search box and voila! Let your fingers do the shopping to save wear and tear on your feet!

Here are some trusted tips, research, and websites for your holiday discount designer handbags purchase. Whenever in doubt, go to, copy & paste the italicized words in the search box, and hit the Enter key.

Nowadays, we pay a few hundred dollars for a new pair of designer jeans, and our designer jacket or designer cashmere sweater costs a bit more. Our Manolo stilettos top the charts at several hundred dollars. Then we explode with a fabulous designer purse or handbag with a much higher price tag. Why? Why not!

If it feels good, do it. Carry a designer handbag to make the designer outfit you painstakingly put together look great! And, pick a classic. Select a designer purse you'll want to keep around for awhile. Don't be boring. Pick your new purse with style, pizazz, texture, pattern, embossed leather and color. This season's designer purses are adorned with logos, chains, charms, colorful trims and bold large sizes.

The list of hot designers seems endless. To name a few, some of the top handbag designers include: Juicy Couture, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Burberry and Coach. Don't be surprised when you go handbag shopping. The prices range from hundreds of dollars to several thousand each.

Remember George Karlin's stand-up routine about "stuff?" Well, now we have surrendered our stuff to be contained in fabulously designed expensive purses and handbags! Plus, remember the famous Loreal` cosmetics TV commercial proclaiming "I'm worth it." Owning a new expensive designer bag is now part of the psychology of fashion. We are worth it. We work hard for our look, and it feels great to carry a famous designer bag! Our stuff is carried in style because we are worth it.

When you find yourself people watching at the airport or shopping mall, focus on the purses women (and men) are carrying these days. The designer handbag craze is not isolated to one sex. There are almost as many fancy manbags for the guys as there are fabulous styles for the women. So, if you are thinking about upgrading your man's appearance, pick a standard basic to begin his new adventure. A suggestion is a LATICO designer handbags black leather messenger bag. It's a standard, basic, clean style for any man on your list.

Famous designer labels are the standard -- the norm today vs. days gone by. For the most part, you'll see Gucci designer handbags recognizable by their traditional stripe or horsebit motif in leather, GG monogram canvas and/or mixed with leather and canvas designs. Gucci designer purses are for all age groups. Personally, I'd save the Gucci gifts for Mom, Auntie and the more mature women on your holiday shopping list.

Juicy Couture offers metallic leathers and adorns the bags with pom-poms, chains, charms and the signature "J" logo on zipper pulls and hang-tags. Juicy leather bags are made of soft and supple Italian napa. The bags are comfortable to carry and cater to all age groups. A Juicy Couture designer purse is the perfect gift for any female aged 13 or older. Most of the purses are lined in a signature Juicy Couture lining. If you want to see the teen on your holiday shopping list grin ear-to-ear hand her a Juicy Couture designer handbag. Any size, shape, style or color will do the trick!

Marc Jacobs designer handbag styles are timeless and seasonless. They can be carried all year long and never go out of style. The signature push locks and pockets decorate Marc Jacobs purses. They use durable, scratch resistant leather in smooth, pebble grain or quilted styles. Engraved hardware on zipper pulls is standard. The bags are usually quite roomy and come in a variety of colors. Marc Jacobs is a little pricier than the Juicy bags and will make her not only smile, but probably give you a big smooch! If you are looking for stocking stuffers fill 'em to the brim with MARC JACOBS designer accessories monogram animal shape pencil sharpeners. Anything with the MJ monogram will bring a smile to the face of your young fashionista's face!

Coach designer purses are an all-time favorite. Every closet should have at least a few to pull out when all else fails. Coach accessories are great for everyday use and available in a variety of styles, colors, sizes and designs. Coach makes a signature CC logo pattern in monogram canvas. There's also smooth and pebble grain Italian leather styles. Colors range from patchwork to solid basics. You can't go wrong with a Coach purchase for the holidays. One of our favorites is the COACH designer handbag 3574 signature duffle monogram shoulder bag. Coach also has small leather goods in wristlet styles, wallets, key cases and picture keepsakes. Small evening bag styles are also available for the person who does not like carrying a large bag. The COACH designer purses white canvas bronze leather is ideal for gift-giving.

Louis Vuitton designer purses are seen everywhere. The LV monogram canvas when purchased brand new is very expensive. Yet, often found at resale shops when a woman wants to upgrade to a new bag. Resellers like offer a deep discount on pre-owned Louis Vuitton designer handbags. Be careful when shopping online for Louis Vuitton. There are tons of knockoffs being sold as authentic items. When making an online purchase, it's always smart to confirm the authenticity with the site owner prior to submitting an order.

Prada is easy to spot. The Prada triangle logo is an icon in the fashion industry. Prada designer handbags are made of leather or durable vela nylon trimmed in leather. With the release of this year's box-office hit "The Devil Wears Prada" sales have increased for this famous designer label. Please remember, angels wear prada too - especially your little angel! There are several styles to choose with large embossed leather PRADA logos and embroidered PRADA enscribed on the font of many 2006 designs. One of our favorites is the PRADA designer purses BR3464.

Fendi designer purses are adorned with the famous FF logo pattern. The F's are available in a large FF pattern or a smaller ff motif. Both jacquard prints are fashion icons and available in a variety of colors with matching small accessories available, too. A classic Fendi is always a good choice for a gift, especially for someone special. The classic FENDI designer handbag baguette designer purse - 8BR000 is at our top of the shopping list for all ages. Yet, if you are looking for a monogram key case under $100, select a FENDI accessories 8AP002.

The Burberry Check pattern is very easy to recognize when you find yourself spotting designer handbags. The traditional tan is also available in a lighter color called Nova Check. Most are constructed of a vinyl treated canvas with leather trim. The moderately priced BURBERRY handbag sling pochette or the BURBERRY nova check flower pot shopper are favorite Burberry check picks.

Chanel is famous for its quitled lamb leather and chain straps. The CC logo is what women go for the most. The CC logo is found on Chanel designer handbags, Chanel designer jewelry and Chanel designer sunglasses. If you want to make a hit with a lady, give a Chanel gift. It's a classic item and literally never goes out of style. A favorite in line with the holidays is the CHANEL designer purse shades of red leather monogram hobo bag. You may even find it at more than 20% off retail online!

Hermes probably tops the charts for prices, and there aren't enough words to express the respect for Hermes designer handbags. The Hermes leather items are hand made and each are given its own serial number to identify the artisan's hand work. Hermes shops are only found in major cities. But, now with Internet Shopping available, a few reputable sites offer Hermes. Again, be careful not to make a purchase for a fake Hermes. They are horrible imitations and an insult to the House of Hermes. Select a reputable online store and don't be sorry later. Auction sites are a risk for making a Hermes purchase. So, unless you know the seller, you may want to stay away from auction sites like eBay for Hermes. offers small accessories, but their shipping and tax is outrageous. Bluefly also sells Hermes but again, the discount is not that great. There's also for new deeply discounted Hermes, and if you don't mind pre-owned, LuxuryVintage offers even deeper discounts plus shipping discounts and not sales tax. Whenever there's a question, send an email to the site and don't purchase until you get all your questions answered.

Designer purses top the charts ranging from the mid-hundreds to thousands of dollars each. Most women plan to purchase several each year. I truly believe the designer handbag has become as popular to the fashion addict as buying a new pair of shoes. Don't let the high cost scare you off. These bags last a long time when cared for properly. Store them in a sleeper bag neatly in your closet. Take your favorite leather goods to a good shoe cobbler for cleaning and repairs. An expensive designer handbag will last a long time, even longer than your favorite pair of boots or stilettos when cared for properly.

With the onset of the holidays, thoughts of giving and receiving can pose a dilemma. Skip the chocolates and flowers this year. Give something that lasts forever! There are certain folks (ourselves included) who are very difficult to buy for. So, what do we do? We ponder and wait until the last minute to make our selection. Think twice about this year's purchases. Almost all women carry a purse. So, it's a no-brainer any woman would love a new designer handbag. Most men use a wallet, some use manbags, and many use a briefcase or messenger style laptop bag. Make your shopping easy, memorable and practical. Invest your gift-giving dollars in an item the receiver will love and adore.

Here's a tip to the wise, and why you should own vs. rent a designer handbag. The following excerpt from an article was found posted on titled Bag-Teria. In summary the article states, "Bacteria on Purses. A study was performed on women's purses. A health team went to a local mall and took samples from the bottom of 50 women's purses. The purses were swabbed with cotton swabs along the entire bottom of the purses and placed into special containers. The swabs were then processed at a local laboratory. The Health Report also showed where women place their purses: public rest-rooms (on the floor beside the toilet), kitchen counters & kitchen tables, on tables & chairs in restaurants, etc. The results of the laboratory tests contained the following most serious result: 1 out of 4 purses - E COLI. Other extremely serious bacteria also were listed, including Hepatitis."

Just the thought of using a purse previously borrowed by a stranger is revolting. Many women carry their puppy in their tote. Should you risk using that same handbag for the market? Not a good idea - even if it gives you a sense of status. You certainly don't want to spread an unwanted illness from a rented purse!

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Ladies Designer Dresses - Now Within Your Reach

With designer shops offering clothes for people of all ages and background every one wants to look fashionable. To be in fashion is perhaps the latest trend that people are following presently. As for women - designer dresses are every woman's dream. Women love to adorn themselves in the most beautiful and remarkable manner. And a designer outfit worn with appropriate accessories can bring out a woman's beauty by highlighting her best features.

A few decades back ladies designer dresses were completely out of the reach of common people. Only the rich and elite class could afford designer clothing whether it was for men or women. In the changing scenario of modern fashion we see designer labels for everything and for everyone. Leave alone women, fashion industry has succeeded in creating a craze of designer labels even among today's kids and teenagers.

However, the good news is that designer dresses have now become available to people with average income. For boys and girls designer clothes and accessories based on the latest fashion trends are offered at reasonable rates by various designer labels. Renowned shops and brands are offering discount prices on occasions.

There is no denying that common women too now have plenty of choices around. You will find exclusive ladies' evening dresses at the boutiques and designer shops selling branded apparels. Buying from boutiques can pinch your pocket, but the shops are ready to offer you wide range of clothing and accessories at prices much lower than the boutiques. From prom dresses and party wears to lingerie and dressing gowns the range for women's designer clothing covers it all.

Here are some of the apparel brands that bring women's designer clothes at your easy reach:

Visit Peruvian Connection for limited edition designer garments. The brand offers high-quality women's wear popular for perfect cuts and shapes.

Those who wish to buy branded apparels yet back off thinking their purse won't permit can visit Dress-for-Less. You will find all the famous brands starting from Adidas to Calvin Klein to Tommy Hilfiger.

Adili is for those who do not indulge in mindless shopping. The brand has a wide range casual wear in store for you. Buy designer tops, shirts and evening dresses made out of sustainable fabrics and materials. For eco-friendly organic fashion you can also check out Natural Collection. The range here includes - tie-and-dye kaftans, jeans, long tops and tunics.

Party hoppers would love the sassy sparkling party wears at the Joe Browns. The collection at My Wardrobe is also impressive. With exclusively designed shoes and bags these shops offer a whole new range of highly fashionable accessories.

Shopping at Marks and Spencer will enable you to wear the latest fashion while Boden offers a comprehensive range of playful yet comfortable summer dresses in bold colors and chic designs.

Anusha has a unique collection of classy and sophisticated ladies evening dresses and gowns. Apart from attractive clothes exquisitely designed accessories are bonus from Anusha.

In addition to all-in-one shopping malls you have the facility of online shopping today. Online stores often throw enticing offers to attract customers. You can shop for high-quality designer gowns, inner wear, and formal as well as party wears at incredibly low prices.

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Womens Prada Shoes and Mens Prada Shoes - High-Class Fashion For Stylish Women And Men

Womens Prada shoes and Mens Prada shoes can now be bought online for less than $300. For those of you who are looking for Prada shoes, that should be music to your ears. Womens and Mens Prada shoes are being sold on the Internet for fractions off the retail prices. How amazing is that? Cheap Prada shoes for sale online.

One of the best reasons to purchase Prada shoes is for the design and style of the shoes. These shoes are the epitome of high fashion. You will find more men wearing these luxurious shoes now-a-days than ever before. Due to the popularity of the shoes, women are also being seen wearing them more often than ever. These shoes have functionality, durability, and style all wrapped up into one. You can definitely wear these shoes from work to play. Go from a business meeting to a night out on the town. There are so many styles and designs of these shoes available to men, women and children.

The Womens Prada Mary Jane pump can be matched up to any outfit and can be worn with just about any dress or suit. These shoes can make an outfit look like a million bucks. Your best bet when wearing these shoes is to get them in black. You can match any outfit to these if worn in black.

Another great shoe for women is the Prada Open Toe pump. This shoe can be worn with any outfit that you are wearing. Dress up a plain pencil skirt or wear these shoes with your favorite sweater dress this fall season. Its fashionable style allows any woman to be able to carry off a look of sophistication and class.

The reason for buying designer shoes is not just to look good, but also to have style and comfort. If you need a shoe that will allow you to move from the office to dining in, the Mens Prada Lace-Up Oxford is the perfect shoe just for that. Even the slip-on boots for men are a top choice in fashion. Prada makes a great line of shoes that are worn by all types of men. You will see celebrities; to even the man next door wearing the Leather/Canvas sneakers. Wear these shoes with a comfortable pair of chinos or your favorite jeans.

The designer also designs briefcases and travel luggage for you men out there who want a great designer bag, but don't want to look too flashy while carrying it. There is a very fashionable and manly looking Mens Messenger bag that can be used for work, travel or play. Who says designer handbags have to be just for women?

Look for these and many more fashionable and smart looking Womens and Mens Prada shoes online to save money and time shopping. You can surely go to the store and spend a pretty penny on the shoes of your choice. But, why do that when shopping online will keep you at home or the office and save you up to 40%-50% off of the store price.

When shopping for designer shoes, the difference in retail store shopping and online shopping is not only to save money, but to also save much needed time. Who wouldn't appreciate that? Get your discount Prada online and save big.

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Replica Shoes - Answer to Expensive Luxury Designer Shoes

Women of today are very fashion-conscious. They like to shop for bags, jewelries, clothes, shoes and other fashion items and accessories. Designer shoes are a great demand among women. For those who can afford designer luxury shoes prefer to buy from famous designer outlets or boutiques. But for some, designer luxury footwear may cost a fortune which mid and low range earners certainly can't afford. Designer replica shoes are good option for those who are style conscious but do not want to spend much on buying designer items.

Replica shoes can get the expensive look to your feet at very less and affordable cost. Shoes are considered part of fashion and style that has brought in the craze for the luxury and designer footwear. Replica items are in demand these days because of less price tag and easy availability. Many online stores sell these items and money spent on them can be worth every penny.

Designer products are designed keeping a purpose and personality in mind. And when the same thing is produced in mass without compromising with quality of the materials, products are called replica and cost reduces dramatically. This helps style conscious women to have more number of high quality replica footwear for their wardrobe. Even an average earner can have designer shoes to make statement in all type of occasions.

Replica shoes can be pretty close to the real thing in terms of look and comfort. Use of high quality materials gives the real stylish look to these replicas. Quality materials and good craftsmanship help to achieve the look and feel of the genuine ones and may look too good to be fakes. You just have to be good enough to know what suits your personality.

Buying designer replica shoes is easier than ever. You just need to be clear in your mind about your choice. You can find number of online stores who sell quality products. Online stores can offer great price for your choice as they don't have to pay for the floor space and customer assistance. This enables the online store to offer good discount on any item. So you can have cheap replica shoes at even lesser price than any other regular store or boutique.

You have to be careful while shopping online. Buy your footwear only from store who have been there for sometime. Have a look at the testimonials and reviews of the customers. Read a lot about the products before placing any order. It is always better to be safe than sorry. In case the shoes you bought online do not fit you should be able to return to get a shoe of your size. Do read the return policy of the website you buy from. Little bit of effort can help you have your dream shoes at your doorstep.

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Wholesale Shoes and Handbags That Go Well With Women's Clothes

Women from all walks of life have always been conscious about the way they look. No matter what age or location they are in, they tend to be very particular about the kind of clothes they wear and the kind of accessories they match them with. Women's clothes have been a major industry in demand and they keep finding newer designs to match the current trends. Women are crazy about shopping for their clothes and shoes and handbags. With the ever-rising cost of living it has become difficult to find these apparels and accessories at reasonably cheap rates in the big malls and retailer's showrooms.

With the advent of technology in the form of the World Wide Web that has a complete global reach women have been exposed to sites that promise a better deal on women's clothes, shoes and handbags. These websites are hosted by wholesale dealers who deal with the marketing of wholesale clothing, wholesale shoes, wholesale handbags, and wholesale jewelry and so on. They have a huge collection that they showcase in their respective websites with pictures of high fashion value clothes and accessories. It only makes life easier for the consumers to have a one-stop-shop at the comfort of their homes.

Wholesale handbags are available in varied colors and varieties and look no different from their branded versions. The quality of the leather used in these wholesale handbags belongs to the same caliber of that used in the making of the branded products. These wholesale handbags are available at throw away prices because they are directly distributed from the manufacturers to the customers with no middlemen in between. Same is the case with wholesale shoes. The innumerous collection of wholesale shoes that you see advertised on the internet are nothing but the cheaper counterparts of the well known brands imported from countries like China and Hong Kong. The labor costs are cheap in these countries thus the final prices on the products are at an all time low.

When you compare a branded pair of shoes with the wholesale shoes you can hardly spot the difference in the quality and looks of it. It is just a smarter way of saving your hard earned dollars. Buying wholesale products in the form of shoes and handbags only gives you the ease in spending and the peace of mind of not being overcharged. These shoes and bags go well with women's clothes be it branded or wholesale. Since you receive such great deals on the discounted shoes and handbags you can afford to buy more than a single pair of these accessories and add a wide variety to your wardrobe.

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A Comparison Between Wholesale Designer Handbags and Designer Shoes

Designer handbags and designer shoes have a similarity of belonging to the elite genre of 'designer quality'. That is, while handbags are more lifestyle products that are often used to accessorize, shoes are the essential lifestyle wearable. At this juncture, both commodities diverge on the following features. Let us look at what makes a handbag and a shoe distinctively different from each other.


Both the commodities cater to different strata of customers, excluding the age groups as a constraint. Handbags are mainly a women's product segment designed for need, use, beauty and other characteristics related to women's desires. A shoe as a product category caters to both men and women. Historically, designer bags have always been worn by the rich and loved by them. In fact, this was largely the reason designer bag sales didn't see a slump even during the global recession of 2008 as these were a product of the rich and well, the rich weren't particularly affected by the recession.

Opacity in variants

On one hand, handbags have a wide array of variety from travel bag, athletic, cosmetic, wallets clutches, sling, and work-out to laptop bags, kit bags, strap less pouches and more. On the other hand, shoes have some basic variants like sports shoes, dress shoes for men and women, casual, wedges, sandals, canvas, restricted to wear ability. The basis of difference in opacity lies in the mere fact that handbags are a luxury segment where shoes, even with the luxury features are subjected to the basics of a wearable product where size and comfort are the essentials.

Preferential Differences

Designer handbags and designer shoes are both luxury versions of two basic commodities, handbags and shoes. These two commodity lines have different preferential parameters when it comes to purchasing. They are discussed below.

For Handbags

• Appearance

• Texture/material and pattern

• Size and shape

• Color scheme

For Shoes

Along with appearance, material and color preferences, designer shoes are subjected to the following other preferences during purchase.

• Fitting and comfort

• Longevity for wear and tear

• Type of sole and grip

• The price, of course!

Even though both belong to the designer segment, the basic purpose of each commodity still differs. You will not get a woman who loves designer bags really interested in designer shoes. However, most women interested in shoes will surely want a handbag. The designer handbag has more first notice attraction to one's attention than the shoes.